Noma Outdoor Products

Noma Outdoor Products, based in Canada, manufactured lawn and garden
equipment for numerous international brands.
MDI developed a series of unique hood and fender designs for Noma riding
mowers, which allowed them to provide their customers with specific
brand differentiation, while utilizing shared components for improved
economic efficiency.

Among the international brands Noma supplied machines for, and for which
MDI provided designs;  Bolens, Sears-Craftsman, John Deere, Massey
Ferguson, Ford, Stihl, Viking, Lowe's, K-Mart, Dynamark, Alko, Hako and

A key feature of all of the hood developments were the large, complex and
high quality injection moldings.  The largest moldings were leveraged
across several brands with unigue grille and light treatments to achieve
brand differentiation.

Montgomery Design also partnered with Noma for the design of walk
behind mowers, trimmers/edgers and weeders.

The first three series of images show full size, clay models from which
fiberglass molds were ultimately created for the fabrication of thin wall
fiberglass prototype parts.

This image is another variation modeled in clay and then painted for executive review.
This is a fiberglass prototype version of the Sears - Craftsman hood, grille and instrument panel.

This particular model utilizes Noma's 4 -wheel steering system.

Lowes variation hood design in painted clay.